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I have given in and have set up a Facebook fan page recently … it seems like that's what all the cool kids do these days ;-)
If you have an account on FB, why not surf over to my brand new page at and hit the almighty Like-button and find photo uploads, event updates, the occasional video and some random rambling from Stenc-o-Rama in your news stream … how very convenient, isn't it?
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The Counihan Connection DVD •Print• •E-mail•
••Tuesday•, 01 •March• 2011 04:25•

CC-coverCounihan Connection is a documentary DVD containing a series of short films focusing on five artists interpreting Noel Counihan’s art. The films follow George Gittoes, Kristin McFarlane, Angela Cavalieri, Satta van Daal and William Kelly as they create their artworks for the 10 year anniversary exhibition of the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick in 2009. 

The films look at the research method, the creation of the work, the relationship of politics and art, aspects of interpretation, the nature of the artistic medium, and the views of each artist. Also featured are interviews with Edwina Bartlem, the curator of the exhibition and with Robert Smith, who talks about his memories of Noel Counihan. The DVD was published by Snodger Media in Australia and is available or Individuals and for educational institutions on the Snodger Media website.

Dumpster Biennale 2011 •Print• •E-mail•
••Thursday•, 10 •February• 2011 03:57•

I painted a model dumpster for an upcoming show of 30 mini dumpsters by a great line-up of Australian and some international artists. The exhibition will be part of Adelaide's urban art festival 'Street Dreams' – check out their website for more information:

Dumpster Biennale

Get a Happy Mac on your desk! •Print• •E-mail•
••Saturday•, 24 •April• 2010 11:57•

Grab some glue and a pair of scissors or an x-acto knife and get crafty to get your own Happy Mac smiling at you on your desk. Order the paper template poster from redbubble -- comes with keyboard and mouse!

Stencil Art Calendar •Print• •E-mail•
••Wednesday•, 11 •November• 2009 06:57•

calendar coverI have put together a calendar with 12 selected recent works. Browse to to check it out -- all images are also available as greeting cards and some can also be ordered as prints. While you're there have a look at my T-shirts too, maybe there is one that fits you ;-)

Get them now while they're fresh!
Order your calendar from for only AU$ 35.20 ... can you think of any better christmas presents? Surely not.

Spinning tunes @ Sketch City •Print• •E-mail•
••Thursday•, 05 •March• 2009 15:06•

sketch city march 09I'll be back at one of Melbourne's funkiest monthly events, the live painting extravaganza Sketch City! At my last visit in December last year I jumped back and forth from the spray can action to the DJ decks spinning vinyls and had a great time. At the March event I'll be leaving my stencils home and just bring my records to provide some Jamaican riddims of all sorts in the first half of the night (gotta dash off then and play some more tunes at a friends 40's -- booyaka. busy nite!).

Get down there and grab a marker or something and join the creative fun and maybe wobble through the warehouse a little to the tunes.
Here's the nitty gritty detail stuff:

Sketch City The Mix Up
15 March 09, 4-11pm

Dazzeland Studios (25 Eastment St, Northcote) ... don't miss it!

Spare Parts, it's not exactly body painting … or is it?! •Print• •E-mail•
••Sunday•, 24 •October• 2010 12:07•

spare partsThere have been a variety of objects that I have painted on in the past -- ammunition containers, cars, shoes, computers, life models, umbrellas. and the list goes on -- but the object I was asked to paint for this upcoming exhibition certainly ranks amongst the more unusual types. Spare Parts has invited more than 40 artists with very diverse backgrounds from around Australia (plus some internationals) to paint on prosthetic limbs that had been donated by their former users.
That's a challenge I couldn't give a miss and picked up a leg to call my canvas. The work I submitted is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach to the topic, you can check it out in my flickr gallery.

Spare Parts is being held at the Brisbane Powerhouse (Queensland, Australia) from 9th November - 5th December 2010. Opening Night is Friday 12th November 2010.
For more information on Spare Parts head over to

DJ slipmats in the house! •Print• •E-mail•
••Sunday•, 06 •December• 2009 03:17•

For all proud 'vinylists' out there I have designed some custom slipmats. Two designs are already printed and some more designs are sitting in the pipeline. The mats have a smooth glazed surface on the bottom for minimum friction and are printed with an advanced technique that injects the ink into the high density polyfibre material rather than applying it to the top surface. All to ensure the best performance and to guarantee a gentle treatment for your beloved records!

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Brunswicked T's •Print• •E-mail•
••Thursday•, 05 •March• 2009 15:45•

brunswicked shirtIt's a pretty simple idea but it seems no-one had it yet (at least I couldn't find anything): Melbourne's wickedest suburb (imho) is Brunswick...ed, oh yes! That had to go onto a shirt, no doubt. It's available through now or even better, if you live in Brunswick or somewhere not too far from it you should head down for a coffee to the Empire Cafe on Sydney Road (across the road from the Retreat) and get yourself one of the hand printed shirts (lotsa colours and different styles available).

There are some more exciting 'Brunswicked' plans brewing in the kitchen, I'll keep ya posted. Until then show your love for this sweet suburb with a shirt.

Street Art for Ashes •Print• •E-mail•
••Sunday•, 15 •February• 2009 03:19•

The still ongoing bush fires in Victoria have left thousands of people homeless, the death toll keeps going up and wildlife and nature have suffered massively. These are the worst bush fires this country has ever seen!


Sketch City, Melbourne Stencil Festival, No Vacancy and Villain have come together to hold a Street Art Auction on Friday 13 March 7pm at the No Vacancy Gallery (27 - 33 Red Cape Lane, Melbourne/QV Centre) to raise funds for victims great and small -- 25% of all proceeds will go to the 'Help for Wildlife' organisation ( and 75% will be donated to the Red Cross (

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